Monday, November 1, 2010

Leonardo da Vinci -a Renaissance Man

How can Da Vinci be characterized as a true Renaissance Man?

Leonardo da Vinci can definitely be characterized as a true Renaissance Man. Throughout his life he has been to different parts of Italy, all the important and famous cities. The more obvious reason why is because he was born into the Renaissance time period. During the Renaissance people were exploring and discovering things a lot for themselves. People were trying out different things. One of the big ones is art. When Leonardo was only 17, his father apprenticed him to the renowned workshop of Andrea del Verrochio in Florence. That was when he exposed his colossal talent for art. He stayed in the Verrochio workshop until he decided to move to Milan and entered the service of the Duke of Milan in 1482. While he stayed in Milan he had hit his stride making both art and science achievements. The Duke commissioned Leonardo to make more sculptures and paint more but not only that, the Duke made him design weapons, buildings, and machinery. Leonardo was very successful and later on produced studies on various subjects. Later on in 1503, Leonardo reportedly started working on one of his well known paintings, the Mona Lisa. During this time he had been told that he was terribly sick and he would soon be dead. In 1513 to 1516, he worked in Rome, maintaining a workshop and continued to study the human anatomy and physiology. However, the problem with this was that the Pope forbid him to dissect cadavers. This made it hard for Leonardo to keep up with his studies. Leonardo da Vinci then died on May 2, 1519 in Cloux, France. Leonardo could be the man that defines what Renaissance means to us now. During the Renaissance age people began to question things and took risks. This is definitely what Leonardo did during his whole life. He had covered up all the things that were big during that time period; art, human anatomy, science. He was the one who discovered and studied all these subjects and majored in them. He provided all the answers. Leonardo da Vinci is proved and evident to be a true Renaissance man.

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